JAHS - (Journal of Archaeohistorical Studies)


About JAHS

Journal of Archaeohistorical Studies is aimed at archaeologists and historians with particular interests in advancing their knowledge about archaeohistory of the Old World. This quarterly journal publishes original research on socio-religious and socio-cultural evolution across the Old World throughout the archaeohistorical time scale. Evolving horizons of settlement patterns, shifting mobility networks, and religio-socio-economic changes reflected through artifactual, written or structural developments are the primary focus areas of ASAS Roads and Religions Research Initiative, a project responsible for initiating this research journal. Journal of Archaeohistorical Studies provides a forum for archaeologists, ethnoarchaeologists, historians, and experts in the field of comparative religion studies from different academic backgrounds who share a common interest in the above-mentioned fields. Journal of Archaeohistorical Studies seeks to invite scholars to contribute original and unpublished manuscripts for showcasing research advancement in one or more than one aspect of archaeohistorical interests mentioned above.

This is an open-access journal. Any original, previously unpublished content is licensed under the
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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